Supervillain of the Day: The Complete First Season Rachel Kays Author
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All six novellas and two short stories now combined in a beautiful collector's volume with never-before-seen illustrations! Supervillain of the Day. Supervillains are wreaking havoc all over the world except in England, and Floyd must figure out why before he loses his job as a reporter. Fire and Ashes: While a human torch devastates London Floyd deals with sideshow villains and struggles to accept that he's become the city's superhero. Inspector Floyd: When a string of murders goes unsolved Floyd accuses the police of not doing their job, only to discover a master of hypnosis is behind the crimes. Supervillain Hunters, International: All the villains are leaving London for an unknown reason. Fearing a dangerous coalition Floyd and Adams pursue them all the way to the Middle-of-Nowhere, which happens to be located in Kansas, USA. Mister and the Kid: Floyd meets his match in a sixteen-year-old kid who has been assigned to keep him out of trouble. Dreams and Shadows: Floyd wakes up in the dark, alone and a prisoner, with no memory of the events leading to his capture. Supervillains of London: In the aftermath of London's most devastating supervillain attack, Adams tries to keep order while searching for Floyd. Silent Night: It's been two months since Tower Bridge, and Floyd is still having nightmares. Even Kate's return to London, just in time for Christmas, is not enough.


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