Failure to Globally Launch: The Case for Aspiring Market Giants J. Stewart Black Author
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Morrison and Black examine how companies can globalize both their operations and their people. FAILURE TO GLOBALLY LAUNCH explains how success at certain stages of globalization can actually get in the way of success at later stages unless leaders take proactive steps to avoid this paradox. FAILURE TO GLOBALLY LAUNCH follows the globalization of a real but disguised company and one of its key leaders. In the process it highlights the common pitfalls along the path of globalization. In particular, it examines how the drivers of success at one stage of globalization actually get in the way of success at later stages. Morrison and Black take a unique approach to a complex and, what for some readers might be, a confusing topic. Most business books are written lecture style and are filled with charts, frameworks and models. Even if well researched, they are often difficult to read and consume a large amount of time to absorb. FAILURE TO GLOBALLY LAUNCH is different. It tells a real yet fictionalized story of an American company that has great success globalizing and yet stumbles badly along the way. It is based on true characters and real issues. It reads like a novel, but is filled with lessons. Every business leader interested in globalizing their company should read this book. It is a thought provoking, timely and compelling guide that should be closely studied. - Jan Jenisch, CEO, Sika AG This is one of the best books I've read in a long time. It is the right topic at the right time. - Sam Tan, Chief Operating Officer, TSAM Limited Morrison and Black untangle the web that companies get caught in when trying to go global. - Christine Tricoli, Senior VP, CIT Allen Morrison is the holder of the Kiristian Gerhard Jebsen Chair for Responsible Leadership and Director of the IMD Global CEO Center. Stewart Black is Professor of Global Leadership and Strategy at IMD.


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