Practical Guide to Utah's Wild Edible Plants - by Steven C Golieb (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis Native Americans have long survived off the land of Utah's plains and mountain-lands. The many species of trees, bushes and plants throughout the state have provided them with food, medicine and shelter. Whether for survival, curiosity or just for fun, this book will walk you through identifying and utilizing Utah's natural wonders. If disaster strikes, this book is a must-have; you will be able to confidently walk through Urban areas or the deep wilderness and possess much of the knowledge and skill the Native Americans used to survive. About the Author Steven C Golieb is an avid outdoorsman, owner of Edible Wilds LLC, a company specializing in edible wild plant products, and teaches classes on wild edible plants. Born in Oregon, raised in New York City and now a long time resident of Utah, Steven has spent years living in the outdoors refining his survival knowledge and skills. Steven has also attended Utah Valley University studying Environmental Science. Steven currently lives in Utah with his wife, daughter and his dog, Bella.



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