Saving Noelle Brenda Conley Author
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No one could understand where she was now. She was lost and alone. Alone for the first time in her life. Desperate. She was on the run. By herself. With no one to save her. Not from her running or from her thoughts. Rest. There was no rest. Only running. No one's voice to calm the raging that was going on inside of her. She had let go. She had to. It was the only way she could protect those she loved. It would hurt too much if she had stayed. No...this way was best. This way would hurt less. This way only she would know. This way she had time to figure out what was next. Her mind was so torn between what was right and what was wrong. She cried more as she thought about the dangers she had toyed with. The dangers that had brought her to this moment. Snares...that was a good word to describe what she had walked through. She had been snared. And the consequences were...well they were this. This moment that she was now in. She couldn't go home. She had to stay away, maybe forever, so she could protect them; she loved her mom and sisters that much. Noelle's journey will take you through the brokenness that comes as she walks out the consequences of the choices she made. Watch and see the goodness of God. Even when she didn't give Him a thought, He was still loving her and making a way. You will find Him woven throughout all of the players in the story. Experience His master plan for their lives. See how He intricately knits them together and brings Noelle into a closer understanding of who He is. Meet Angelina and Brad. The love they have for the Lord is a testimony of their daily faith. Their willingness to open up their home to Noelle, is rewarded by the surrendering of the broken Genie and her three girls. God drops them right into the Connor home. Their obedience to go where He leads brings blessings to both families. There is healing in the arms of Jesus. He will always have a better way. He loves us that much. Experience His love and find that God is good and His mercy endures forever. SAVING NOELLE was written as a hope for all of the broken who have experienced the pain of an abortion and the loss of a child. There is hope through the knowledge of the love a Savior who wants you to know that He loves you and there is a way of forgiveness. A way to heal the scars. It is also a gentle and loving reminder of the purpose of guarding your heart for that one special person. A great read for young men and women as they are preparing to advance into the season of those teenage years where satan loves to come in and destroy lives. I pray this book will show a different way to walk through those years; a way that brings joy, love, contentment and a future full of hope. See the love of Jesus and find His patient journey through the relationships of those that you meet. Learn from Brad the way to treat a lady; and from Noelle see the harm that can come if you put yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our God is a God of choice. He allows us free will and this book will show you how He is there loving us and cheering us on if we will ony hear His voice and walk in His ways. Taste and see that the Lord is good.


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