Signs of Life Christopher Karam Author
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A western novel set in the late 1800's. Once a skilled scout for the U.S. Cavalry, James Riley became a deserter after witnessing atrocities against the Native American people of the Midwest. For the past 15 years he has been living a solitary life in the Adirondack Mountains of New York as a trapper and skilled guide. Having given up on any thoughts of companionship, a small turn of events helps James to gradually rebuild his life. An orphaned wolf pup, a fatherless boy and a widowed mother all become part of his life and learn from his nurturing ways and skilled teachings. Wrestling with his past while reliving nightmares, James tries to come to terms with his feelings and the age difference between young widowed Wendy Thompson and himself. When the local logging company payroll is robbed, the town Sheriff looks for the one man experienced enough to track down the culprits. With a winter storm closing in, and a decision needing to be made, James is about to find out there's something much more valuable that needs rescuing than the payroll.


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