Christmas Cards: Life Between the Lines Diana Pooley-Hurwitz Author
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Five young women graduate from college in 1965, and, like the points of a star, they scatter in different directions. Ellen throws herself into marriage and motherhood, desperately trying to hold onto the image she has created even when it begins to break down.  Judy searches for identity through the ideals of the sixties, and finally comes to realization about her true identity.  Meg struggles with addiction and toxic family relationships, eventually finding the strength to recreate herself.  Rosalie finds herself in a marriage that almost kills her, and when she finally draws a line in the sand, is able to learn what true love means.  And Susan, the world traveler, finally finds what she's been searching for in the only place it's ever been.Their yearly correspondence in the form of Christmas Cards is the glue that binds them together.  And in the end, they learn what it really means to be friends.


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