Blood Bath In Jasper County Mississippi Matthew Cruise Author
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Based on a true story, author Matthew Cruise guides the readers through vivid accounts of intimidation, fraud and murder, which had become known as common place in Mississippi, for many people way too long. Blood Bath In Jasper County Mississippi captures the cruelty of mental, physical and spiritual bondage that slavery, racism, lying and the pain of heartache caused by humans against humans; and, the inability of humans to forgive one another. Yet, you will find the book to be colorful and very entertaining. Readers will find light moments of laugher...and heavy painful moments that will force them to cry. The book will cause outrage, hurt and disappointment about the truth and the myths many people hold of black and white people. Cruise introduces his family through the characters in his debut book. Navigating his way into and out of the personal struggles, Cruise helps us all heal by his own acceptance and justice for all. This book reveals how dreams come true. And, in the final analysis shows us a story of love. The message of the Bloodbath in Jasper County Mississippi resonates most with young people, who want to know more about their cultural heritage. The main focus is on people and the need to find their ancestors and in the process discover something that inspires them to attain higher goals in life. The author take the readers on a journey to Kenya, where Cruise met President Obama's paternal step-grandmother Mama Sarah Hussein Obama. They formed a close relationship, right there, sitting under the lone oak tree that was located in her front yard. Mama Sarah has become one of his many fans, in Africa. Cruise hopes that publications like Bloodbath in Jasper County Mississippi will have impact around the world and inspire works like this from authors particularly, in Africa. At seventy-five years old, while in Kenya, Cruise finally realized his childhood dream to visit the land of his ancestors. As Cruise began to research his family's lineage, he found records dating back to the early 1800's; he has now compiled this information and other data retrieved from the Mississippi Historic Archives, into a book about the life his family lived in the American deep south. This is a time when many people need an anchor in life. Bloodbath in Jasper County Mississippi gives that anchor, we can all pull up from and build upon. Now living in North West Bakersfield, California, Cruise is the founder and President of Pull Up From Poverty, (PUFP), Inc a Micro-Lending Non Governmental Organization (NGO); whose emphasis is on granting small low interest loans to women in third world countries. Blood Bath In Jasper County Mississippi covers a period of over 200 years, of our countries rich, passionate and turbulent history. It brings many past secrets to light and puts a face on that hidden and unspoken past. The Novel connects the past to the present and gives us a look into the future. It is a Novel you will not be able to put down! Photo-Illustrated.


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