Dark & Day Lianna Tai Illustrator
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Enter a cold war of Magic versus Machines on an Earth torn between lands of permanent night and day. The Dark is an icy wasteland where people in steampunk cities dream of returning to the stars. The Day is a lush land of magic, where mythological creatures live in harmony under the still-burning sun. Politics, prophecy and prejudice collide when a sickly boy from the Twilight Ring discovers a relic that could destroy the fragile balance of the sun and ignites apocalyptic fears on both Ends. Jonothon Wyer grew up with stories as his only friends. He dreamed of being more than an eleven year old that can't breathe the coal filled air on his own, of running into action without his heart regulator slowing him down. Jono gets the chance to prove himself when his discovery of Apollyon's Key grants its holder the power to control the sun itself! Fears escalate as the world approaches an existential crisis, with each End believing their own propaganda that shows only the worse in the other - that the power of the key would be used to set the Dark afire or condemn the Day to the freezing night. As the Dark and Day rush to a war of misguided self-preservation, Jono must race from the golden halls of Caer Midus to the caverns of the Windom Academy to reveal the truth behind the deadly bias that lurks in a world where the stories we tell ourselves could be our own undoing.


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