THE CHURCH: EARTHLY BLESSINGS AND ETERNAL REWARD: Be encouraged and run the race set before us all Cordelia Battle Author
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If you are thinking about attending church, searching for the truth, or secretly hurting inside, Cordelia Battle is ready to help by sharing her plan for spiritual growth and restoration of your faith in the Lord's church. The church has always had a firm foundation in Jesus Christ and is made up of those who love God. New Christians never imagine being hurt in a church setting, yet it sometimes happens when you serve the Lord. As a result, there are those who refuse to enter church doors because of past negative experiences with church leadership. If you have been hurt or rejected in the church, Battle offers gentle advice as she helps you better understand why attending services is an important part of your spiritual journey. You will learn: How the church should represent God's love Whether you should fear God's anger Why forgiveness is so important How to define ministry How worship and service in the church has evolved Why there's a need for church fellowship The church is justified by faith in accordance with grace; so the church will continue to grow. Choose your destiny-today and for eternity what God has waiting for you.


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