The Bitch Within: It's Not What You Think! Teresa Martin Binkley Author
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According to Teresa Martin Binkley, each woman is born with her own bitch within, or TBW. This presence is not there to hold a woman back from life experiences, but to give her determination, stamina, and courage to face life head-on. From the outgoing extrovert to the shy, reserved type, TBW can empower all women to live a more fulfilled life. The Bitch Within is full of timeless stories spanning five female generations that encourage women to move forward in their lives with confidence. These true accounts, some that will make you laugh, cry, and think, can help all women stand up for themselves and help the silent find their voices. TBW reveals herself as a hidden treasure that all women possess, both young and old, and guides females in learning how to: Trust your inner voice and instincts Expect the unexpected and be prepared Live a more meaningful, fulfilled life Be brave and face life head-on Be empowered by understanding the power that you possess Harness your bitch within power and use it to your advantage, without fail, in the face of adversity!


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