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Knowledge can be viewed as a pyramid. The pinnacle represents ultimate truth and simplicity from which all knowledge can be derived. Moving down the pyramid, many details and complexities come into play. This book is about that pinnacle of knowledge, plus details which will impact the lives of everyone on this planet in the near future. For decades scientists have searched for grand unification, knowing that a simplification of physics must exist. This book explains all observed natural phenomena, based on a unification of natural forces, and predicts events that are unfolding all around us. Therefore, the claim of ultimate truth can honestly be made. One goal of this book is to encourage people to think for themselves, breaking the cycle of reliance on experts. The reader is the ultimate judge of credibility. Experts agree with this work, evidenced by authoritative reviews on the book's web site. Joe Paladin graduated from WPI with a degree in mechanical engineering. He served on active duty for 4 years as an officer in the corps of engineers. For the past 15 years Joe has worked and consulted in wide array of industries, including a high-energy reactor project for the DOD.


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