Stoetry: Story poetry and other ambiguous doggerel from a dude and his beard Dennis Barker Author
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Dennis H. Barker has an uncanny ability to take snapshots of life and turn them into dazzling visuals told through the lost art of rhyming poetry.The first chapter, Stoetry, paints pictures of everyday life. He takes you through a journey from an old barn's biography to the story behind a bird's song and onto a painter's struggle with perfection. He unlocks the mind's eye to see the world in high definition.Somber follows and shines a light on the dark side of life. It takes one through an introspective look into the enigma of human emotion.Shorts returns to the lighter side with pointed, witty takes on society, jargon, and looking at the mundane through a kaleidoscope of timeless humor.Songs deals with relationships of youth and the quest for self-identity told through reimagined songs from his younger days as a singer/songwriter.You'll be delighted by every hook and resolution as Dennis H. Barker breathes new life into rhythm and verse.


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