The Eternal Season and the Age of Light joel anthony ciaccio Author
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They say that we are the stuff of stars, that we are the light and the life and the way out of death. Rising from the aftermath of a galactic controlled burn-ashes to ashes and dust to dust we will return!In The Eternal Season and the Age of Light, joel anthony ciaccio's first collection of poetry, he reaches out to the universe and asks questions. Question about the nature of life, and questions about the nature of himself.Not all the questions are answered. And some of the answers are questions. Each poem is deeply introspective and provocative in tone, but never loses its grasp on Ciaccio's humanity. A professional musician, Ciaccio infuses each poem with its own unique rhythm. Some poems are calm and quiet meditations, other are a crescendo of wild musings and conflicted feelings. But each circles back to the core question; why am I here?The Eternal Season and the Age of Light is a stunning debut from a first-time published poet that will both comfort and challenge the reader, inciting deep discussions and fervent rereads for years to come.


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