The Crack in a Voice: A Memoir in Verse Doug Jennette Author
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It may be that his rural and small-town NC roots leak out in the poetry of Doug Jennette. Certainly, his attention to subtle aspects of nature, contradictions inherent in human relationships, the tender connections possible among men who search for deeper meaning in life, and the grief that is part of life's natural cycles are all present in his poetry. Doug's decision to write a preamble for each of his poems places them in a context of time, place and his life experience; hence the subtitle A Memoir in Verse. This aspect of his work is uncommon for books of poetry. Often, the vivid imagery and sometimes oblique observations of Doug's poems catch one's attention in a way that requires re-reading to discover their essence. And, as with any creative effort, the depth and meaning of each poem will be experienced differently by each reader. The author writes: Ernest Becker, in the introduction to his 1973 The Denial of Death, writes about the human mythical hero-system in which we strive for a kind of immortality by creating edifices (temples, skyscrapers, books) which provide a sense that we have primary value and worth in the world around us. To the extent that this book is one of my immortality projects, the ultimate worth of it will be determined by the reader. It has been both laborious and delightful to interact with this rather modest body of work, enjoy the memory of the creation of it, make it as good as my creative talents allow, take pleasure in the images and sounds, and offer it to anyone who may be curious about the nearly life-long musings of a retired psychotherapist. 


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