Pull-ups In Paradise: Theology in the Context of Performance, Health and Happiness Greg Amundson Author
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PULL-UPS IN PARADISE is the culmination and creative synthesis of GREG AMUNDSON’S biblical and theological studies at Western Seminary, in addition to 20 years of leadership within the CrossFit® community. In this monumental volume of work, Greg demonstrates that the bridge between teaching the principles of athleticism and the tenants of systematic theology are shorter than one might initially think. 3,2,1 Go!PRAISE FOR PULL-UPS IN PARADISE“Few claim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior with as much enthusiasm, or as eloquently and boldly, as Greg does in his new book, Pull-ups in Paradise. Greg’s insightful and scholarly presentation of ‘The Word’ establishes him as a creditable defender of the Christian faith. Greg understands the connection between Mind, Body and Spirit, and how their integration impacts our ability to follow Jesus Christ, and he leads us on that journey with passion and purpose.”— DR. RON GELLIS, PHD, Clinical, Forensic and Sports Neuropsychologist, and CEO of Integrated Recovery FoundationIn the early days of CrossFit, Greg and I became 'famous' for the battles between us, as we demonstrated 'intensity,' in the classic CrossFit workouts. These battles with Greg never felt like we were pitted against each other, but instead, we had a feeling of being with each other. Greg's new book, Pull-ups in Paradise, will help show you that with Jesus, you can also be with those you coach, live with, and love, even through the most intense times life throws at you, and especially when the world is telling you it's all about you. — JOSH EVERETT, CrossFit Level I Seminar Staff and Strength and Conditioning Coach to Collegiate Athletics and the DOD “Greg Amundson’s new book, Pull-ups in Paradise, is the best book I’ve ever read on the integration of faith and fitness. Greg helps me understand theology in a way that is relatable, applicable to my life as a professional athlete and martial artist, and transformational in my relationship to God.”— NATHAN MENDELSOHN, World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt “Greg Amundson has the profound ability to write with magical simplicity while maintaining rigorous research and reasoning. Pull-ups in Paradise brilliantly demonstrates this and will be cherished as his best book yet.”— JASON REDMAN, Navy SEAL (Retired) and New York Times bestselling author of The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader“Greg Amundson has been instrumental in helping me see within the pages of the Bible that God loves His warriors. The way that Greg explains theology and doctrine is life changing, and has affirmed in my thinking that God created me with certain skills, abilities, and unique talents that allow me to excel in boxing and in life.”— ROBERT “THE GHOST” GUERRERO, Six-time World Champion Professional BoxerABOUT THE AUTHORA graduate of Western Seminary (MA in Ministry and Leadership), GREG AMUNDSON has been an integral part of the CrossFit community since its inception in December 2001. Greg is a former DEA Special Agent and US Army Captain, and holds a Black Belt (Professor) in Krav Maga. He is a Police Chaplain, the founder of Eagle Rise Publishing, and is a 5 time #1 international bestselling author.


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