Brown Boy Dreams - by Clamentia Hall (Hardcover)
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"About the Book Follow a young, ambitious boy on an inspirational journey of self-worth and self-assurance. Featuring 26 vivid illustrations, rhythmic verse, and a supplemental goal tracker, ""Brown Boy Dreams"" is specially crafted for boys of color. Readers will love seeing their bright and limitless futures on the pages of this book. Book Synopsis There was a brown boy, and he had big dreams! How big do you think his dreams could be? Perhaps we'll see. So begins the journey of a young boy imagining all the things he could be and believing he has the power to make it happen! Brown Boy Dreams will expand your reader's realm of possibilities. It will encourage self-worth and self-assurance by highlighting the potential that lies within boys of color. As an under-represented community within the world of children's literature, boys with brown skin deserve to see themselves in the books they read. Give your reader an opportunity to make personal connections between life and literature. Promote deep engagement in the reading process. Create accessibility to education. Set parameters far and wide in relation to the amazing success your reader's future holds. Our strongest habits, our morals, and our deepest understandings are established during early development. Use Brown Boy Dreams as a developmental tool for normalizing greatness in the black community!"



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