Disruptor-in-Chief: Why Donald Trump Won And Why He Will Win Again: A Black Republican Polemic Dorollo Nixon Jr Author
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It was the election heard round the world: Donald Trump, the New York billionaire real estate developer and entertainer, successfully pulled off the greatest political coup since the Revolutionary War by winning the presidency in 2016. How did he do it? And why does that matter now? It matters because he will do it again in November 2020. In spite of COVID-19, a stock market crash, the near shutdown of the US economy, out of control police officers and out of control rioters, President Trump is poised to win a second term in the White House. And this book will tell you why.The key to Trump's unprecedented electoral success? Disrupting politics as usual and restoring the promise of America to the middle class. As a Black Republican, this is change I welcome, because the brokenness in the American system during my lifetime was chiefly enabled by the Democratic Party. Despite dominating municipal politics in every major American city for several decades straight, the Democratic Party has little to show for it...in terms of Black successes. Their solutions to the everyday problems faced by many Black Americans are always the same. Their plan produces talk but not change. And someone must stand up and say that it does not work.From 1990 to 2015, healthcare, education and real estate prices skyrocketed while salaries stagnated and benefits packages were paired back or cut outright. And that was if you were not one of the millions of American manufacturing workers whose jobs were sent to China or other parts of the globe most Americans cannot find on a map. There was no retraining; there was no recovery. Thank you, NAFTA! Meanwhile, the US military spent trillions of dollars fighting endless wars throughout the twenty-first century with no end in sight. At home, not only did roads, bridges and airports crumble: so did hard working communities under the weight of opiate addiction and spiraling crime. Americans were fed up and the political status quo enabled rather than solved the problem. Enter Candidate Trump.Donald Trump won the first presidential election he ever entered, because more voters in more counties in the United States voted for him than for her. Donald Trump won 32% of votes by Hispanic men and 25% of votes by Hispanic women. Donald Trump won almost 30% of Asian American voters' votes. 13% of Black men who voted chose Trump, but 27% of Black men in the military who voted voted for Trump. All of those people may not be dismissed contemptuously as naive, self-hating dupes as the Left does.In 2020 President Donald Trump is poised to win a second term in spite of the serious challenges our country and society face this time around, because Trump's disruption has worked. It has shown middle class Americans that the bipartisan political elite that grew unspeakably rich through insider connections and other means not available to middle class is vulnerable for takeover.Freedom is unscripted; that is what makes it so exciting. After 25 years of plastic candidates who continued to spout safe political certainties while hard-working middle class Americans kept falling behind, voters in 2016 wanted an unscripted candidate who would tell it like it is. Or at least who would tell it like they wanted it to be. Now that unprecedented candidate is on the verge of a second term to bring even more change to America. Get ready.


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