Stop Spilling Your Soup!: The Complete Essential Tremor Solution Darlene A. Mayo MD FAANS Author
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Do you shake and don’t know why? Have a family member with tremors? Board certified neurosurgeon Dr. Darlene A. Mayo explains in this book the most common causes of tremor and the symptoms you most often see with each condition. She wrote this book based on years and years of experience evaluating and treating patients with tremor. In this book she shares with you a multitude of proven ways to slow down or stop your tremors.From at home treatments to medicines and surgeries to alternative treatments, you will learn over 50 ways that tremors caused by ET, Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions can be controlled. You will learn how to make small changes to your diet, natural herbs you can take, easy exercises you can do at home. You will understand the roles of all the medical providers who can help you and what to expect at doctor visits. You will learn exactly what is involved in the evaluation process and what will happen during deep brain stimulation, focused ultrasound, and gamma knife procedures. Dr. Mayo explains all of this in language that is easy to read for people with no medical knowledge. You will also find a section on alternative treatments, including acupuncture and chiropractic treatment. You will learn about the latest research, including the studies on cannabis as a treatment for tremors. In addition to the treatments for tremors, this book includes a section on the latest assistive devices, including weighted gloves and software to help reduce extra clicks when you use your phone or computer. There is also a section describing aids to help you enjoy your hobbies again, like knitting, golfing, or painting.As a bonus, the last section of the book includes information on how to make decisions about your medical care and treatment choices. Sometimes all the choices we have can seem overwhelming! Dr. Mayo gives you a step-by-step process to help you narrow down your choices and feel confident in your decisions. Stop Spilling Your Soup! The Complete Essential Tremor Solution is the guide you need to understand what may be causing your tremor and learn how to stop shaking so you can eat the foods you love, write a note so you and others can read it, and enjoy your hobbies again!


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