Frances and Bernard by Carlene Bauer
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The summer of 1957, Frances and Bernard meet at a writer's colony. She finds him faintly ridiculous, but talented. He sees her as aloof, but intriguing. Afterwards, he writes her a letter. Soon they are immersed in the kind of fast, deep friendship that can take over--and change the course of--our lives. Bernard is a poet--well-born, Harvard-educated, gregarious, passionate. Frances is a fiction writer--daughter of a middle-class Irish family, wry, fairly (and often unfairly) judgmental. She is deeply Catholic; he is a convert who yearns to sound out matters of the spirit. He is well into his writing career; she is looking for a way into New York literary life. So begins an extraordinary novel told in absorbing correspondence that explores faith, creativity, depression, passion, what it means to be a true friend, the nature of acceptable sacrifice. How much should we give up for those we love? In w itness to all the wonder of kindred spirits and bittersweet romance, "Frances and Bernard "is a tribute to the power of friendship.


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