The Real Taranaki Zombies - Part 1: A Boys' Own Adventure Paul George William Charman Author
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The ghosts of an old war came back to haunt 14-year-old George Williamson, in the shape of three American Flight Sergeants, who were known to members of his New Zealand family long ago. But, rather than being ghosts, the 'Taranaki Zombies' are actually very real. Having been the subject of experimentation at the height of the 1940s Pacific War, these men turn up again 30 years later, this time as near-indestructable 'Zombies', living in the vast wilderness of the Egmont National Park. They look to be still aged in their early twenties but must have more of the rare metal which has prolonged their unnatural existence. Can George and his motorcycle-riding companions return to an old World War II bunker to obtain what the 'Zombies' need? The story is illustrated with archival photographs and loosely based on true events.


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