Software Testing : Testing Across the Entire Software Development Life Cycle by Gerald D., McLeod, Raymond, Jr., McLeod, Raymond Everett
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One of the first comprehensive guides to testing every phase of software development and revision Businesses lose billions of dollars every year due to poorly tested software, and the body of professional software testers is grossly underpopulated. Now, Software Testing delivers a thorough treatment of everything a technology professional needs to become a proficient software tester. The presentation sequence builds from simple to complex examples, giving novice readers a foundation for grasping the material. The use of real-world case studies further enhances understanding, while diagrams, tables, and sample printouts help the reader to visualize the processes being discussed. Divided into four parts, this book provides: An overview of software testing A review of software development life cycles Structured testing strategies and approaches A complete life cycle software testing project Ideal for graduate-level students of computer science and management information systems, this resourceful book also includes a companion Web site with tools and additional examples.


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