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SWOT analyses are well-known in the business world as a tool for developing business plans etc., but they are as powerful for developing plans and strategies for other projects and for personal development. A SWOT analysis is done to identify key factors that are important in developing a strategy for achieving an objective, no matter if it's in a business, social or personal project. But just doing a SWOT analysis has no value in itself. The information gained needs to be processed to see what is usable as a basis to develop the strategy for improvement and what may be better to just ignore. With other words: It is what you do with the information that is important. The SWOT Journal was developed as a tool to not only offer quick and easy templates to do a SWOT analysis but to also have a layout that encourages the user to process and further develop the information. It also comes with a article explaining how SWOT analyses work and how to use The SWOT Journal. It is made as a physical journal to help improve focus by removing the notifications and distractions from the digital world.


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