Never Goin' Back : Winning the Weight Loss Battle for Good by Al Roker
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"What's holding you back? What excuses are you making up that are stopping you from living your best life? I used them all, and look where that got me Are you ready to stop living insane and get real with yourself?" Al Roker's aha moment came a decade ago. Closing in on 350 pounds, he promised his dying father that he wasn't going to keep living as he was. That led to his decision for a stomach bypass--and his life-changing drop to 190. But fifty of those pounds crept back until he finally devised a plan and stuck to it. "Never Goin' Back "is Roker's inspiring, candid, and often hilarious story of self-discovery, revealing a (slimmer) side of his life that no one knows. With illuminating and sometimes painfully honest stories about his childhood, his struggle against the odds to make something of himself, and his family life today, Roker reveals the effects that a lifelong battle with weight issues can have on a person--and how, regardless of the frustration and setbacks, you must never lose faith in yourself (just inches). Most important, he knows that losing weight is as much--if not more--a state of mind as of body. That's why he's here: to recharge your willpower and see you through it like a friend--with warmth, humor, and a healthy new outlook on life.


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