Ramses: The Battle of Kadesh - Volume III - by Christian Jacq (Paperback)
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"About the Book The powerful Hittites have declared war on Egypt, and Ramses must do the impossible: seize their impregnable fortress at Kadesh with his ragged army, even as his powerful bodyguard and right-hand man has been arrested, suspected of treason. Book Synopsis A vivid re-creation of the majesty and mystery of ancient times, ""Ramses"" has swept across France, creating a national craze for all things Egyptian and bing the most spectacular phenomenon in French publishing of the last twenty years. Here, portrayed as never before, is an unforgettable pharaoh and a land steeped in mysticism and enchantment. A monumental epic with over two million copies sold, ""Ramses"" has at least come to America to touch our imaginations with the stuff of dreams..."



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