The Next Government of the United States: Why Our Institutions Fail Us and How to Fix Them Donald F. Kettl Author
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In The Next Generation of the United States, renowned public administration expert Donald F. Kettl argues that our current government and its twentieth-century solutions are increasingly overmatched by twenty-first-century problems. Drawing data from crises like FEMA's tragic failure in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he demonstrates the increasingly complex nature of the problems our government must solve and the failings of its current approach. Based on the surprising successes of key officials in crisis situations, Kettl envisions a legion of leaders who run government they way that rocket scientists launch rockets—with strong leadership focused on objectives, held accountable for performance, and linked effectively to citizens so that it acts decisively for the public good. This book is a guide to the problems that ail our government and a road map for their solution.


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