The Late Bloomer's Guide to Success at Any Age Susan Sully Author
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Are you a late bloomer?  Are you caught in a career you don't think you can leave? Do you dream of a better life — but aren't sure how to make it happen?  This book is for you.  Written by a self-professed late bloomer, it explains just what that term means and why people fall into that category.  Then it shows you how to envision the future you want and how to prepare yourself for the changes to come.  Finally, it introduces the Ten Principles of Unconventional Wisdom — including Bite off more than you could chew, Leap before you look, and Push your luck — advice that will help you see your situation and its possibilities in a whole new light.Filled with practical tips to get you started, worksheets to help identify your goals, and meditations and exercises to keep you on track, this encouraging, upbeat, and fun-filled resource will help you achieve and live the kind of life and career you thought you could only dream of.


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