Caligula's Kitchen James Terminiello Author
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Rome in the 1st Century, C.E. stood astride the narrow world like a Colossus. Unfortunately, the guy in charge was nuttier than a whole warehouse of fruitcakes. And it's up to head chef Logos to get between Caligula and disaster. In a world where sanity has taken an extended holiday, find out if Logos can get through a single day without putting out a fire. It might mean helping Caligula bring a ham back from the dead, keeping the Lady Labia from execution for heresy, negotiating the surrender of King Neptune after a very soggy war, or preventing the Roman mob from tearing everyone from limb to limb. Then there are vestals who aren't virgins, a bare-breasted war goddess, a blood-thirsty general, a steam-powered, rampaging automaton, dancing gladiators, and a gallery scheming senators. Oh, did we mention a politically astute horse? Well, you'll have to find out.


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