My Name Is Margaret , Scottish War Bride Eugene Sooley Author
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Margaret Macmillan Crocker, a war bride, born one year before the Great Depression of 1929 in the highlands of Scotland. She spent most of her life having and raising her children in the small fishing village of Heart's Delight, a hamlet on the island of Newfoundland, Canada, some 3000 miles from her homeland. Her life ebbed and flowed like the very waters that washed up on the rugged shores of that quiet little settlement. From times of complete ecstasy to near total depression she kept her sanity and fought her way through her life, in the way of her Viking heritage, that demanded strength, courage and determination that could have only been done because of her genetic background. Yes, it was in her genes to demand and fight for her station in life that she deserved in a world that was not always friendly. As you read, you will soon get to love and admire 'Our Margaret'.


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