Movie Pass Vs Amc Stubs Vs Sinema: Learning the Essentials Mark Dascano Author
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MoviePass is a subscription-based movie service that allows the user to buy a single ticket for movies per day using a flat subscription model. The fee could be per month, quarter or year. The service will use a mobile app that allows the user to go into a cinema then choose their desired movie and the time. AMC Stubs A-list is the newest competitor in the cinema options that is a viable response to MoviePass. AMC is known as the largest movie theater chain that has joined their subscription service into their loyalty points system. The users can get three tickets per week for a low monthly price of $19.95. Sinemia is another movie service that came about to offer more competition to the other services. There have been around since 2014 and has offerings in Canada, UK, Turkey and Australia. Their presence was made known in the US Market when they started to offer their different pricing models.


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