The Story of the Great Republic: A United States History of; The Founding Fathers, War of 1812, American Civil War, and the Nation's Presidents (Hardc
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H. A. Guerber's breathtaking history of the United States includes the foremost conflicts of the nation, profiles of the Presidents, and tales of America's greatest inventions and accomplishments. We find in this epic and wide-ranging chronicle a flowing account of the United States, from its earliest inception as a group of colonies along the Eastern Seaboard, to a global power of supreme international prominence and influence. That such a feat occurred in scarcely over a century was only possible owing to the efforts of individual Americans who collectively envisioned, with unparalleled optimism and bravery, a great future. The journey of America and its people is eventful and characterized by hardship: the harsh, untrammeled lands, the threat of the European powers, and the nation's struggle to cast off slavery are but a few of the difficulties faced and overcome by the American people.


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