Covid-19 and Parkinsonism - by K Ray Chaudhuri & Mayela Rodriguez-Violante & Angelo Antonini (Hardcover)
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Book Synopsis Covid-19 and Parkinsonism, Volume 165 in the International Review in Neurobiology series, highlights new advances in the field with this new volume presenting interesting chapters that cover a variety of topics, including Parkinsonism associated with viral infections, Covid-19 and nervous system pathology: bench to bedside, Prevalence of Covid-19 in Parkinson's Disease: acute settings and hospital, Covid-19 and Parkinson's Disease: clinical features, long COVID, Smell deficits in Covid-19 and possible links with Parkinson's Disease, Spotlight on non-motor symptoms and Covid-19, and a Summary of treatment paradigms in Parkinson's Disease patients and Covid-19. Additional sections cover Covid-19 and Parkinson's Disease: nursing care, vaccination, telemedicine services, impact on advanced therapies, Covid-19-induced parkinsonism: Real life phenoconversion cases, Loneliness and impact of lockdown on Parkinson's Disease patients during the Covid-19 pandemic, Parkinson's Disease and Covid-19: Impact of ethnicity and palliative care, and more. Provides the authority and expertise of leading contributors from an international board of authors Presents the latest release in the International Review of Neurobiology series Updated release includes the latest information on COVID-19 and Parkinsonism



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