Medicinal Herbs in Primary Care - E-Book: An Evidence-Guided Reference for Healthcare Providers Jean M. Bokelmann MD Author
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Written specifically for the conventional medical healthcare provider, Medicinal Herbs in Primary Care forms an integral part of the primary care tool belt. Through a series of system-based disease tables, this unique title provides quick, authoritative guidance for the busy practitioner whose patient is requesting guidance on medicinal herbs. The disease tables are supported by herbal monographs that provide expanded details of the available preclinical and clinical evidence laid out in a system-based sequence. Together with the section on herbal basics, this practical reference contains the information today’s medical healthcare providers need to develop familiarity with and confidence in the prescription of medicinal herbs. Provides quick answers and evidence-based prescribing guidance for medicinal herbs while also addressing complexities and co-morbidities in patient care. Features 48 system-based disease tables that identify herbs based on strength of evidence and indicate the scope of potential benefits for other conditions the patient may have. Includes 55 monographs for the most common medicinal herbs, with safety and precaution guidelines, summaries of preclinical and clinical trials, chemical constituents and actions, and prescription options for each. Contains an introductory section on the basics of medicinal herbs that dispels common misconceptions regarding herbal medicine. Discusses key topics such as herb-drug interactions, and includes information on SARS-COV-2 where appropriate. Uses typical medical abbreviations throughout for ease of use, and provides a glossary of terms for non-medical and alternative health care providers. Helps conventional medical practitioners partner with patients to determine safe herbal options when appropriate, and ensure safety and efficacy of herbal use.


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