Southwest Airlines by Chris Lauer


"Southwest Airlines" turns in-depth interviews with the companyAs leaders, managers, employees, and passengers into a powerful case study of this highly successful, game-changing business. Ranging from the early days of the company to the present, the book covers the history of the airline and its founders, while also detailing the unique corporate culture that attracts employees and passengers alike. Throughout its history, Southwest has championed a culture that puts employees first, creating a productive workforce by hiring for Aattitude before aptitudeA (because skills can be taught) and allowing employees to be themselves at work. The foundersA philosophies of Aservant leadershipA and a Afun-LUVingA attitude continue to attract employees and influence the companyAs daily work today. In detailing the airlineAs inner workings in the words of its own people, this book shows other companies how they can emulate SouthwestAs powerful business model and strategies, as well as its hiring practices and corporate culture.


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