Comecon Data, 1990
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Covering the economic developments in the formerly socialist countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia, including the key changes of 1990, a decisive year of political, social, and economic transition, this latest edition of the statistical handbook COMECON Data will prove an indispensable tool for economic, political, and academic analysts. COMECON Data 1990 supplies the solid framework of measureable facts underlying the steady flood of reports on the rapidly changing events in that region. The data assembled in this volume is drawn from three distinct groups of sources: (1) official statistical yearbooks and periodicals published by the countries formerly associated in and with CMEA (COMECON); (2) data published by international organizations--the UN, ECE, OECD, IMF, etc.; and (3) other Western sources. Uniquely, COMECON Data 1990 gives access to data scattered in those original sources published in a multitude of different languages. Comparatibility with earlier issues of COMECON Data is assured as far as changes in the source material allow. In the present edition, covering the last year of the formal existence of the CMEA, the most important tables from earlier issues of COMECON Data have been retained and enlarged by newly available statistical information in order to impart up-to-date information on all aspects of the COMECON economies. Quick reference is facilitated by the detailed list of tables and alphabetical index.


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