The Teen's Guide to World Domination: Advice on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Awesomeness Josh Shipp Author
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Josh Shipp has been serving up a healthy dose of advice with an attitude to millions of teens for over a decade, in front of packed auditoriums across the country. For the first time ever, Josh is pulling together all of his unique advice for world domination into a must-have survival guide. Hilarious, inspirational, and authentic, Josh offers golden nuggets of wisdom for everything that has you freaking out (pretty much all the stuff you can't fathom addressing with Mom and Dad). So, summon your inner hero and learn to dominate the seven villains that are keeping you from awesomeness. GHOSTS: All your painful memories and bad mistakes, which are holding you back and causing self-doubt. Confront them once and for allNINJAS: Back-stabbing friends who earn your trust to fulfill their own agendas. Call them out and they won't stand a chancePIRATES: Bullies and bad boyfriends who take advantage of you. Write them off and tune them outROBOTS: Well-intentioned but misguided grown-ups, who want to program you to be like them. Understand how parents, teachers, and counselors operate to improve your communicationVAMPIRES: Negative influences and addictions, which draw you in and steal your identity. Regain your self-esteem before you get bitZOMBIES: Chronic complainers who drag you down with their pessimism. The best zombie-repellant is gratitude! Learn that it's not what happens to you, it's how you respondPUPPIES: They seem all fun and innocent on the surface, but often blindside you with hidden consequences. Learn how to think smart about money, your hot girlfriend, and other temptations


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