A Woman's Guide to Changing Her Man : (Without His Even Knowing It) by Michele Weiner-Davis
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Instead she urges readers to stop analyzing their problems to death, stop nagging, and start doing what works. She emphasizes the value of taking action, and says that when it comes to influencing men, sometimes it's easier done than said. At last, here is a toolkit for creating the kind of relationships women have always wanted -- a book that no woman will want to be without. Every woman knows that building an ideal relationship takes work, but whether you're trying to get your man to remember to put the toothpaste cap back on, take a more active role in parenting, or recognize that, unlike the oven, the house isn't self-cleaning, you are often met with stiff opposition. It's time to get smart instead of getting even. The only thing more universal than a woman's desire to change her man is a man's resistance to it. But Michele Weiner-Davis has great news. She tells women that all man-changing techniques are not created equal; some strategies are simply more effective than others. And based on her remarkable success in helping couples make their relationships work, Weiner-Davis knows them all. In Divorce Busting, she introduced us to her method for improving troubled relationships based on Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy, a quick but lasting fix. She also introduced readers to the revolutionary concept that only one person is needed to change a relationship. Now she's back, only this time she has asked men to leave the room so that she can teach women -- the primary caretakers of relationships -- the art of effecting change single-handedly. Her straightforward, practical, sometimes politically incorrect advice on man-changing moves women beyond their self-limiting beliefs that mencall all the shots. Weiner-Davis tackles mainstream advice that suggests that "opening up" and "talking about feelings" will get women what they want.


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