Terror by Quota - (Yale-Hoover Series on Stalin, Stalinism, and the Cold War) by Paul Gregory (Hardcover)
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Book Synopsis Lists serve a variety of functions in Emerson's essays, Whitman's poems, Melville's novels, and Thoreau's memoirs. Belknap discusses the surprising variety of pattern, intention, scope, art, and even philosophy. Review Quotes This book, the first to focus on the 'working arrangements' of security agencies under Stalin, unlocks a number of issues in Soviet history that have until now been classified as instances of the dictator's irrationality or excess.--Mark Harrison, University of Warwick --Mark Harrison In the vast and growing literature on Stalinism, this text stands out not only due to the extensive coverage of a complex subject matter but also due to its unique methodology. Paul Gregory applies the rational-choice paradigm to the policies, and, in particular, the infamous Great Terror of 1937-1938. This important study improves our understanding of dictatorship and broadens the scope of historical economic analysis in general.--Valery Lazarev, University of Houston and Hoover Institution--Valery Lazarev About the Author Paul Gregory is Cullen Distinguished Professor of Economics, University of Houston. As a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, he directs the Soviet Archives Working Group. He lives in Bellaire, TX.



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