Competition and Growth - (Zeuthen Lectures) by Philippe Aghion & Rachel Griffith (Paperback)
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"About the Book By systematically confronting theoretical models with econometric data, a leading macroeconomist and microeconomist present a unified and coherent view how and when productivity gains and economic growth are aided or hindered by competition policy. Book Synopsis Though competition occupies a prominent place in the history of economic thought, among economists today there is still a limited, and sometimes contradictory, understanding of its impact. In Competition and Growth , Philippe Aghion and Rachel Griffith offer the first serious attempt to provide a unified and coherent account of the effect competition policy and deregulated entry has on economic growth. The book takes the form of a dialogue between an applied theorist calling on ""Schumpeterian growth"" models and a microeconometrician employing new techniques to gauge competition and entry. In each chapter, theoretical models are systematically confronted with empirical data, which either invalidates the models or suggests changes in the modeling strategy. Aghion and Griffith note a fundamental divorce between theorists and empiricists who previously worked on these questions. On one hand, existing models in industrial organization or new growth economics all predict a negative effect of competition on innovation and growth: namely, that competition is bad for growth because it reduces the monopoly rents that reward successful innovators. On the other hand, common wisdom and recent empirical studies point to a positive effect of competition on productivity growth. To reconcile theory and evidence, the authors distinguish between pre- and post-innovation rents, and propose that innovation may be a way to escape competition, an idea that they confront with microeconomic data. The book's detailed analysis should aid scholars and policy makers in understanding how the benefits of tougher competition can be achieved while at the same time mitigating the negative effects competition and imitation may have on some sectors or industries. Review Quotes ""Aghion and Griffith's new book should be required reading for anyone interested in the drivers of economic growth in the modern economy.""--Rebecca Henderson, Eastman Kodak LFM Professor of Management, Sloan School, MIT ""An engaging presentation of a major research program on the effects of competition on economic growth. The book is an essential guide for sorting out the package of competition policies--antitrust, patent protection, R&D subsidies--that best serve the economy.""--Robert J. Barro, Paul M. Warburg Professor of Economics, Harvard University About the Author Philippe Aghion is a Professor at the College de France and at the London School of Economics. Aghion is coauthor (with Peter Howitt) of Endogenous Growth Theory (MIT Press). Rachel Griffith is Deputy Director at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and a Reader in Industrial Organization at University College London."



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