Four Dimensions of Horror 3 Curse of Raven's Inn Mark Osborne Author
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The Raven's Inn- was a four-hundred-year-old guest house, that welcomed travellers and locals alike. The inn was on an island called Lance- just off the coast of England, and was favoured for its fine food and accommodation. But, the island also had a darker side. Within its midst-were, a crew of fishermen who went by the name of the Anchormen. They were secretive and cruel and kidnapped travellers who came to the island. Once taken, they were sold to Europe and America as slaves, and personal treasures were looted to sustain their evil empire. One day, an eccentric, Jamaican born gentleman, Johnson Brown arrives at the island and soon disappears. The locals begin to talk, while the Anchormen harbour their deceitful secret. Left to die underground. The visitor not only brings a fatal disease to the island-he also curses Raven's Inn.


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