The Left Boot of Fellowship Second Edition K B Napier Author
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This book is based on my PhD (Theol) dissertation. At the time it was completed computers were not generally available, so all research was done in academic and general libraries. This is why I added Part B (hence this is the Second Edition), which contains more available modern sources. The book looks at the need for a doctrine of disfellowship/excommunication, because few local churches comply with God and scripture on the matter, though it is urgently needed. Most churches are 'mixed' and therefore not legitimate according to God's word. Any church that mixes the ekklesia (saved men and women) and unsaved are bound to have trouble and lower standards of belief. And those who commit serious public sins MUST be dealt with, both to satisfy God's commands, and also to stop such ones infecting the congregation with sinful words and actions. At times this disfellowship must be summarily applied, when the issue is serious enough. In days of darkness and evil, this is vital, as part of general discipline.


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