Along the margin-sand Peter Larner Author
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It is 1964, the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King, the Boston strangler, the Beatles, and Cassius Clay. And, in a world caught up with daily news of war trials in West Germany, a bank robbery in England and race riots in the USA, Peter Jackson, a 12-year-old boy, moves to France with his mother to start a new life after the sudden death of his father. His mother is determined to look to a new future and forget her past life in England, but the locals have other ideas. When a Jewish Nazi hunter arrives at the converted convent that Mrs Jackson bought, her two long term tenants have different reasons to be concerned and the past that she longed to leave behind, threatens to become Peter's future. Saturn was the codename of an informer, working for the Germans in 1944. He, or she, betrayed the resistance fighters who were operating in Berck sur Mer in WW2. That betrayal cost the lives of five young men. Saturn was never identified.


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