This Virtual Universe of Spirit, Science, and Sentience: A Personal Perspective on the Nature of Existence David MacClelland Author
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Why are you here? No - why are you HERE? Why are YOU here? ARE you here? For those willing to peer behind the mask of God and investigate the behind-the-scenes foundation of our reality, David MacClelland takes you on his personal journey toward an integrated, holistic perspective on the universe, revealing a glimpse of why there is something instead of nothing, and why we exist.Disillusioned early on by a fearsome, autocratic God as taught within a school system where studies in religion were juxtaposed with those of military warfare, MacClelland set out initially to search for an understanding of the true nature of God, only to find himself on a path through spirituality, psychology, and quantum physics, exploring the nature of existence. Along the way, he experiences profound insights into the reality of this evolving universe, and how we, as sentient beings, play an interdependent, co-creative role.


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