Enterprise DevOps on Amazon Web Services: Releasing Software to Production at Any Time with AWS Paul M. Duvall Author
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For thousands of companies, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud is today's software development environment of choice. Now there's a complete guide to using DevOps and continuous delivery techniques on AWS — so you can reliably deliver new features to users and customers at the click of a button.First, leading software development consultant Paul Duvall concisely reviews DevOps' principles, culture, and goals. Next, using a realistic reference implementation, he offers detailed hands-on guidance on applying automation throughout the entire AWS cloud software delivery process. Finally, he presents up-to-date case studies of companies applying DevOps throughout their own modern development environments: from Netflix to AMC Health to the U.S. government.Using principles, patterns, and examples you'll find here, you can make the most of DevOps and continuous delivery with today's most widely-used cloud platform. What's more, you'll master skills you can use as AWS evolves — or with any other cloud platform you choose.


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