Assistant Principal's Survival Guide - (J-B Ed: Survival Guides) by Paul R Simpson (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis This practical resource is jam-packed with proven strategies, hands-on techniques, and how to guidelines for virtually every aspect of school administration and supervision. Best of all, it gives you scores of real-life examples and tricks of the trade you won't find in any school of education. From the Back Cover Written by a school administrator with 22 years' experience, this unique resource give elementary and secondary educators practical advice, tips, and materials for all areas of the assistant principal's job, including 40 reproducible letters, forms, and reports that can be used as is or be readily adapted to your specific situation. For easy use, the book is printed in a big 8-1/4 x 10 7/8 spiral-bound format that folds flat for photocopying and organized into ten sections focusing on ten important aspects of the assistant principal's work. Here's just a brief overview of the ready-to-use help you'll find in each section: The role of the assistant principal give you an overview of the task APs are expected to handle, including a full-page, reproducible Activities Checklist along with brief discussions on how to identify and handle stress, advice on site-based management, and more. Gathering and communicating information tells how an where to collect, record, maintain, and communicate information useful to you and your students and includes eight reproducible forms and letters such as Weekly Calendar of Events Interruptions Student Progress Report and Form Letter Regarding Student Tardiness. Creating a safe teaching/learning environment highlights both intellectual and emotional safety, as well as the creation of a safe physical environment with eight reproducible like Authorization to pick up a child Congratulatory/thank you note to staff and Student Registration Form. School Discipline cautions that the AP should bot be the sole problem solver in school discipline cases since effective discipline comes from policies and procedures well thought out by the entire school staff. Five reproducible forms include Notification of Student Discipline Letter to a Parent Regarding Suspension of a Student Expulsion and Student Withdrawal Form. Working together shows how to obtain information for the good of students and the school from a variety of sources-students, student council, staff, parents, community, police and other agencies-- and includes five helpful reproducible, such as Suggestions to help your child be a positive learner Back to School Event and Student Access to the Internet. Curriculum and the assistant principal provides information for building a master schedule by supplying an extensive month-by-month timetable of items to be considered and includes a reproducible Partial Course Selection Schedule. Monitoring student progress tells how to establish a monitoring process and considers entries from other schools as well as student evaluation with five reproducible forms such as Student Record...Daily Monitoring of Student Effort and Achievement and Missed Evaluation Report. Student perspectives features a discussion of student concerns, the impact of friends, contracts, cooperative education, mentoring, and more and offers tem reproducible like Student Permission to Write Own Notes Mentor Application and Profile and Parent Permission for Mentoring. Assistant principal interactions explores primarily the working relationship of the AP with beginning, substitute, and experienced teachers and provides complete coverage of the evaluation process through 18 reproducible forms such as Substitute Teacher Feedback (separate forms for elementary and high school) Performance Evaluation Criteria Teacher Performance, Growth, and Development. Legal Issues lists rmendations for avoiding legal problems and considers specifically illness or injury to student or staff, a bomb in the school, violent incidents, and other problem areas, It also includes five reproduces such as Student Behavior at School-sponsored Events Violent Incident Report and Parental permission for Athletic participation. In short, Assistant Principal's Survival Guide give you a comprehensive resource and reference for all facets of the AP's job, strategies for being effective in each area, and a variety of ready-to-use, time-saving tools to make your job easier. And a handy index at the end helps quickly locate the information when you need it. About the Author Paul R. Simpson has 22 years experience as an assistant principal in the Hamilton Ontario schools, serving in five different schools with unique characteristics and needs. He was honored as teacher of the year in 1988 by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation in Hamilton for his contribution to students, staff, community, and introduction of innovative practices.



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