Internet of Things in Biomedical Engineering - by Valentina Emilia Balas & Le Hoang Son & Sudan Jha & Manju Khari & Raghvendra Kumar (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis Internet of Things in Biomedical Engineering presents the most current research in Internet of Things (IoT) applications for clinical patient monitoring and treatment. The book takes a systems-level approach for both human-factors and the technical aspects of networking, databases and privacy. Sections delve into the latest advances and cutting-edge technologies, starting with an overview of the Internet of Things and biomedical engineering, as well as a focus on 'daily life.' Contributors from various experts then discuss 'computer assisted anthropology, ' CLOUDFALL, and image guided surgery, as well as bio-informatics and data mining. This comprehensive coverage of the industry and technology is a perfect resource for students and researchers interested in the topic.



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