The Orexin/Hypocretin System: Functional Roles and Therapeutic Potential Jim R. Fadel Editor
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The Orexins/Hypocretins System: Functional Roles and Therapeutic Potential summarizes research on both the physiological functioning of orexins, their impact on homeostatic processes, and related disorders. The book encompasses the effects on appetite, sleep, substance abuse, cognition, and anxiety. Additionally, it examines new therapeutic approaches utilizing orexins, including utilization of orexin receptors for drug development. It is essential reading for neuroscience researchers interested in brain-behavior relationships, as well as psychiatrists, endocrinologists and pharmacologists. Provides an overview of new research on orexins/hypocretins Includes an overview of intracellular signaling and orexin physiology Discusses the effects on arousal, appetite, cognition, addiction and anxiety Examines orexin based therapies and their potential use in disorders Explores orexin receptors for drug development


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