The Color of Family by Patricia Jones
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A proud, strong African-American wife and mother, Antonia Racine Jackson raised two admirable children in Baltimore -- all the while taking silent note of a boy growing into manhood in a vastly different world. Reared in the bosom of wealth and privilege by loving white parents, Clayton Cannon is now a concert pianist, acclaimed and renowned wherever he goes. But for decades, Antonia has guarded a secret born of a clandestine love affair between her now-deceased brother Emeril and lily-white Agnes Marquette in the segregated South of the 1950s. And finally the time has come for Antonia to reveal what she knows in her heart to be true: that Clayton Cannon is her brother's son. But memories cut deep, nothing is truly black-and-white, and blood ties cannot always determine who we are and will be. And by breaking her silence, Antonia is about to disrupt the lives of two families in ways she could never have foreseen, forcing her to confront painful realities about herself and those she most dearly loves.


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