Love to Dream Swaddle UP, Baby Sleep Sack, Self-Soothing Swaddles for Newborns, Get Longer Sleep, Snug Fit Helps Calm Startle Reflex, New Born Essentials for Baby, 5-8.5 lbs, Grey

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DESIGNED TO HELP BABIES SELF-SOOTHE & LEARN TO SETTLE THEMSELVES: The Unique, award winning ARMS UP design allows your baby to sleep in their natural arms up sleep position. This allows them to safely to move their hands to their mouth for true Self- Soothing. Encouraging deeper, longer sleep helps to establish & maintain a healthy sleep routine from birth and throughout your baby's sleep journey..SAFER SLEEP: Carefully designed with safety as a top priority. Swaddle Up stays on throughout sleep time, keeping your baby comfortable & feel secure with stretchy fabric that has a snug fit, without the need for blankets or loose layers making it a safer option. All our sleepwear are specially designed for different room temps & seasons to reduce the risk of overheating. Our products are made to the highest quality standards, are performance tested & certified by the relevant safety standards..SWADDLE IN SECONDS: Swaddle perfectly in seconds! SWADDLE UP has one two-way zipper, no scratchy velcro, no fussy studs, just a super easy, convenient and simple to use swaddle that's perfect for any parent, grandparent or carer, even in the middle of the night. The Swaddle UP is designed for simplicity with no learning curve and no breakouts. The clever twin zipper means quick and easy diaper changes..HIP HEALTHY and MADE FOR COMFORT: Recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. With millions sold worldwide, it is an essential for all new parents. Available in luxuriously soft fabrics, with highly detailed seam finishes for absolute gentleness on your baby’s delicate skin. Purpose woven, 360 degree stretch fabric allows for comfortable, multiple, non-bulky, layering underneath for ideal temperature regulation. Super easy care: machine washable/dryer friendly.MADE WITH ORIGINAL JERSEY KNIT FABRIC: This super soft, stretchy fabric moves with baby's body, providing excellent comfort, but also has a level of resistance to ensure that the optimum arms up snug fit across the torso to assist with self-soothing. An ideal choice for MODERATE room temperatures between 68-75 degrees.