Romantic Present900M Solder Iron, Solder Tip, Eco‑friendly 10pcs Durable Solder Iron Tip, 900M‑T‑3.2D Large Welding Pads Thick Terminals Welding Machines for Large Welding Area


900M solder iron tip is easy to use, safe to protect sensitive components, lightweight so that easy to vehiclery.Made of high class brass material, which have high compressive strength, good resistance and strong structure.Solder iron tip come with fast heating and long service life, easy to tin with no virtual welding.This soldering iron tip is suitable for welding machines that require large amounts of tin, such as large welding area, thick terminals, large welding pads, etc..Environmentally friendly soldering iron tip using ‑free paint with high temperature resistance, more suitable for high melting point ‑free soldering



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