Champion Sports Yellow Plastic Softballs: Hollow Plastic Balls for Sport Practice or Play - 12 Pack


ATHLETIC SOFTBALL EQUIPMENT: Spend time outdoors with Champion Sports’ Plastic Softballs; perfect for practicing your pitch, batting skills, or for some leisure time playing catch with friends.REGULATION SIZE BALLS: Each plastic hollow ball has a 11.00 inch circumference so you can use them for pitching, batting, throwing, and catching practice to improve your softball game every time.FUN FOR ALL AGES: Little kids and adults alike will love these highly durable softballs thanks to their hollow design that allows nonstop fun whether playing softball, wiffle ball, or fetch with a pet.LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: The innovative hollow design makes each ball lightweight enough to carry anywhere and the plastic make them highly durable so they can take hit after hit without breaking.A DOZEN SOFTBALLS IN A PACK: Each pack contains 12 hollow yellow plastic balls for endless fun; they are easy to see in a large field so you never have to worry about losing them



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